Do volunteer firefighters get paid in Virginia?

The estimated salary for a volunteer firefighter is $19.97 per hour in Virginia.

Does Virginia have volunteer firefighters?

There are 505 volunteer firefighters companies in Virginia. Combined, these Virginianvolunteer fire departments employ 301 people, earn more than $115 million in revenue each year, and have assets of $528 million.

Do volunteer firefighters make anything?

Volunteer firefighters freely volunteer their efforts as a way of serving and giving back to their community. They often do not receive monetary compensation from the fire department. If they are paid, it is typically in the form of small stipends or annual bonuses.

How do I become a volunteer firefighter in Virginia?

All applicants must be over 18 years of age. Pass a medical evaluation and drug test. Have a clean driving record, Virginia driver’s license and pass a criminal history check. Must be able to attend at least 20% of fire calls, meetings and training.

How many firefighters are there in Virginia?

There are 12 registered fire departments in U.S. territories.

Total number of registered fire departments by state and territories.

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State Count
Virginia 552
Washington 400
West Virginia 408
Wisconsin 762

What are the perks of being a volunteer firefighter?

These vary greatly, but examples may include pay per call, specialized/technical training, reimbursements for items such as food or gas, tax exemptions or deductions, tuition assistance, live-in programs for college students, seasonal bonuses, business discounts, or awards programs.

Is it worth being a volunteer firefighter?

Is it Worth Being a Volunteer Firefighter? Most volunteer firefighters would agree that it is worth it and that they enjoy what they do. It isn’t for everyone, but it can be very rewarding. It can also give you valuable experience that can help to become a paid firefighter, if that is your goal.

Why are volunteer firefighters not paid?

Staffing a department with volunteer firefighters means the city has no requirements for paying the volunteers. … Once a firefighter is no longer a volunteer, then FLSA rules on minimum wage and overtime apply. Under the FLSA, volunteer firefighters can never receive hourly pay.

How long does it take to become a firefighter in VA?

It can take anywhere from six months to several years to become a firefighter in Virginia. Some departments provide training, while certificates and associate degrees require students to enroll in vocational schools or community colleges.

How old do you have to be to be a firefighter in Virginia?

Because of the responsibilities placed on a firefighter, the Commonwealth of Virginia requires that anyone less than eighteen (18) years of age must have permission from his or her parent or legal guardian to become certified as a firefighter in Virginia.

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How much do firefighters make in Virginia Beach VA?

The average salary for a Firefighter is $47,503 in Virginia Beach, VA.

Are volunteer firefighters real?

Are Volunteer Firefighters Real Firefighters? Yes. They are just as much real firefighters as any career firefighters. … A volunteer firefighter may face some additional challenges while they carry out their job but they are certainly a real firefighter.

What is the difference between a volunteer firefighter and a career firefighter?

Volunteer firefighters contrast with career firefighters, who work full-time and receive a full salary. Some volunteer firefighters may be part of a combination fire department that employs both full-time and volunteer firefighters.

What is the busiest volunteer fire department?

Company 33, arguably the busiest volunteer engine, rescue and tower company in the Nation, is the department featured on this website. It is staffed solely by a dedicated group of volunteers 100% of the time, a surprising accomplishment in today’s society of decreased volunteerism.