Why do children want to be a firefighter?

At some point in their lives, almost every boy wants to be a firefighter – and for good reason: They are our modern-day heroes, best known for their willingness to risk their lives to save others during fires. …

Why are children fascinated with fire?

Sensation seeking: Some children are attracted to fire setting because they are bored and just looking for something to do. Attention seeking: Lighting a fire becomes a way to get back at the adults and in turn to produce a response from the adults.

Why do you want to be a firefighter examples?

“The number-one reason I want to be a firefighter is to save lives. I lost my grandma in a house fire, which is why I am devoting my career to preventing similar situations for other people. As someone who has been physically fit my whole life, this is one career that I know I can do well.

What do you teach children about firefighters?

For parents, it’s essential to teach children fire safety basics at an early age to prevent tragedies and stay safe. Meeting firefighters and learning about their role in society, installing fire alarms, playing educational games and practicing a fire escape plan are all ways to help kids understand fire safety basics.

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What is interesting about being a firefighter?

Firefighters respond to building and outdoor fires. They also respond to traffic accidents. Firefighters work long shifts, they only work 8 days in a month and their shift is usually 24hours on and 48 hours or even 72 hours off. They have flexible schedules.

What is the primary goal of the fire department?

The primary goal of the Fire Department is to provide fire protection and rescue services through a range of programs designed to protect the lives and property of the inhabitants from the adverse effects of fire, sudden medical emergencies, or exposure to dangerous conditions created by man or nature; second to those …

Why do I want to be a firefighter essay?

In order to be a firefighter you must be in shape, prepared, experienced, and ready to deal with your job emotionally as well as physically. … I chose to be a firefighter because I want to be able to help others and make them feel safe to live in their communities.

Why do you want this job?

“In my career, I am sure of one thing and that is I want to build a decent career in my current domain. My present job has shown me the path to move and attain what has been my long-term career objective. I have acquired necessary skills to some extent as well as have got accustomed to the corporate way of working.

What is a firefighter for preschoolers?

The people who put out fires are called firefighters. Firefighters also work to prevent fires and teach fire safety. A fire must have fuel, oxygen, and heat in order to burn. Firefighters put out fires by removing at least one of those three ingredients.

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How do firefighters protect?

Firefighters rely on self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBA) to protect them from dangerous heat and toxic smoke. These experiments showed that certain temperature and heat flow conditions can cause SCBA lenses to bubble, soften and deform, sometimes leading to holes. …

Why are firefighters important?

Firefighters also provide an important role in educating the public regarding fire and safety. Teaching fire prevention and educating the public on how to respond in emergency situations can help save lives. … Some fire departments have outreach services to underserved communities, and teach fire safety in workplaces.

Why firefighter is a hero?

Firefighters consider themselves humble public servants, but they are, in fact, heroes for their work to rescue citizens from burning buildings, pull them from wreckage, and place their own lives at risk in order to protect their brother and sister firefighters and the public at large.