Why carbon dioxide is known as the best fire extinguisher?

It’s a non-combustible gas. It’s heavier than air, … As Fire needs oxygen to burn, Carbon Dioxide Covers the fire like an blanket and cuts the contact of fire to the oxygen present in the air, So Fire stops burning. That is why Carbon Dioxide is Considere as the best Fire Extinguisher.

Which is the best fire extinguisher and why?

Best Overall: Amerex B500 5lb ABC Dry Chemical Class A B C Fire Extinguisher. Owners say the Amerex B500 is long-lasting and reliable, and a perfect size for general home use. This is a chemical fire extinguisher that will work on all kinds of fires: trash, wood, and paper; flammable liquids; and electrical blazes.

Why is carbon dioxide the most suitable compound to be used as a fire extinguisher give two reasons?

Carbon dioxide gas is non inflammable. Carbon dioxide gas does not support combustion. It displaces oxygen so that oxygen cannot come in contact with fire. Thus, carbon dioxide gas stops the supply of oxygen thereby removing oxygen from the fire triangle.

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Which gas is best fire extinguisher?

Carbon dioxide is primarily suitable for fighting fire classes B and C. Due to its physical properties, carbon dioxide is the only extinguishing gas that is also used in fire extinguishers and fire extinguishing devices.

Which is the best fire extinguisher for IT equipment?

Halocarbon: Halocarbon fire extinguishers could be the best choice for your computer server room. There’s no residue left behind, and two common extinguishing agents are HCFC-123, also known as Halotron I, and FE-36, also known as CleanGuard. Halon 1211: Halon 1211 is a gas that was used in older fire extinguishers.

How does carbon dioxide control fire?

Carbon dioxide covers the fire and cut-off the contact of oxygen and fuel. This is because carbon dioxide is heavier than the oxygen. … When carbon dioxide is released, it expands enormously and cools down. Due to this temperature it brings down and this helps in controlling the fire.

What type of fire is carbon dioxide used on?

Carbon Dioxide is suitable for us on both Electrical and Flammable Liquid (Class B) Fire types. Being a gas it is completely harmless to electrical equipment.

Which type of fire extinguisher do you use to fight an electrical fire if carbon dioxide extinguisher is unavailable?

Both carbon dioxide and dry chemicals can be used for electrical fires. An advantage of carbon dioxide is that it leaves no residue after the fire is extinguished. When electrical equipment is not energized, extinguishers for Class A or B fires may be used.

What is the difference between ABC and CO2 fire extinguisher?

ABC Powder is a multi-purpose extinguisher medium suitable for all classes of fire, however although effective, a Powder Extinguisher will leave a residue that can damage sensitive electrical equipment. If this is a concern it may be wise to use a CO2 Extinguisher.

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Is nitrogen a fire extinguisher?

As a new type of fire extinguishing agent, liquid nitrogen is non-toxic to human body, friendly to the atmosphere and efficient in fire extinguishing. Because of its strong cooling ability, inerting ability and good asphyxiation effect, it is suitable for the fire extinguishing in utility tunnel.

Is CO2 fire extinguisher?

CO2 fire extinguishers contain pure carbon dioxide which is a clean extinguishant, leaving no residue. Suitable for class B flammable liquid fires (petrol, oil, solvents), and recommended for use on live electrical equipment.

Which one of the following is the best fire extinguisher for IT equipment Mcq?

Fire Extinguishers MCQ Question 4 Detailed Solution

The Correct Answer is Carbon dioxide. CO2 fire extinguishers contain pure carbon dioxide, which is a residue-free extinguisher. Recommended for use on live electrical equipment and suitable for Class B flammable liquid fires (petrol, tar, solvents).