Which fire fighting method is an example of an indirect attack on fire?

37 The principal indirect attack method employed at most wildfires is likely to be the use of fire breaks and what are termed to be ‘control lines’. Control lines can be constructed manually, mechanically or by the application of water or retardants which are termed to be ‘wet lines’.

Which attack is an indirect attack?

Attack > Indirect Attack. An indirect attack is defined as the building of impermeable fireline along a pre-determined route, independent of the direction or pattern of simulated fire growth. This line is not meant to contact the active fire front until after line construction is finished.

What is the difference between direct and indirect attack?

When using direct attack, personnel and vehicles should always approach and attack the fire from the rear and, where possible, work from an area of fuel that has already been burned. … Indirect attack is where personnel and resources complete suppression activities some distance away from the fire front.

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What is direct attack in fire?

Any treatment applied directly to burning fuel such as wetting, smothering, or chemically quenching the fire or by physically separating the burning from unburned fuel.

Which is a type of indirect wildland fire attack?

A parallel attack is a form of indirect attack. A parallel attack involves creating a control line quickly using dozers or other heavy equipment. e control line can be constructed much closer to the fire than a line created with hand tools, and more quickly (Figure 4.6).

What is indirect fire Army?

Indirect fire weapons include artillery units equipped with either field guns (howitzers), or heavy mortars. Artillery is that part of an army that controls the bigger, long range weapons, formerly referred to as cannons. The projectile, rocket, missile, and bomb are the weapons of indirect-fire systems. …

What is indirect attack in information security?

Indirect attack – Indirect attack means an attack launched from a third party computer as it becomes more difficult to track the origin of the attack. … Malware is of many types like viruses, worms, Trojan horses, etc., which can cause havoc on a computer’s hard drive.

What is direct attack and indirect attack in information security?

This type of attack specifically means that the targeted data or sensitive information is attacked directly. … Rather, in an indirect attack, information about the target and from the target is achieved through various intermediate objects.

What is an indirect cyber attack?

What is an indirect attack in cyber security? As the name suggests, direct cyber security attacks directly target data. … But during indirect attacks, cyber criminals layer tactics to steal, disrupt or destroy data through intermediary sources.

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When would you use an indirect attack rather than a direct attack?

Indirect attack takes advantage of natural and human-made barriers as fire line and allows a choice of timing for backfiring. Indirect attack is generally used on hot fires with high rates of spread where direct attack is not possible.

What does direct attack mean?

A direct attack on a judgment or decree is an attempt, for sufficient cause, to have it annulled, reversed, vacated, corrected, declared void, or enjoined, in a proceeding instituted for that specific purpose, such as an appeal, writ of error, bill of review, or injunction to restrain its execution; distinguished from …

What is an advantage of direct attack method of using water on a fire?

Figure 3—Direct Attack

Direct attack works well on low intensity fires (flame lengths less than 4 feet) which enable firefighters to work close to the fire. A major advantage of direct attack is firefighter safety. Firefighters can usually escape back into the burned area for a safety zone.

What is the best method for fire attack?

Direct Attack

Perhaps the most widely known technique – this suffocates the flames as the water is aimed at the base of the fire. Aiming the stream of water at the base of the fire, this technique works best using a concentrated, powerful jet of water that suffocates the flames.

Which of the listed fire fighting system is best suited for fighting a fire in an oil rig ballast?

Compressed air foam systems (CAFS) are effective in fighting oil fires on offshore platforms due to their consistently high foam quality, protection against fire reignition, and protection of still unaffected areas.

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What techniques are used to fight fires?

Below are 10 of the techniques firefighters use to put fires out quickly, completely, and safely.