What kind of selection ability test is this firefighter candidate having?

What is the firefighter selection process?

selection process includes: 1) interview and skills demonstration, 3) reference and background check, 4) post-offer drug screen, 5) a post-offer physical examination and, 6) a psychological evaluation.

What are firefighters abilities?

9 important firefighter skills

  • Communication. Firefighters use strong communication skills when working with other firefighters during emergency situations. …
  • Problem-solving. …
  • Social competence. …
  • Time management. …
  • Spatial awareness. …
  • Physical fitness. …
  • Adaptability. …
  • Mechanical aptitude.

What is the firefighter exam called?

The Candidate Physical Abilities Test (CPAT) is the more common firefighter physical abilities test and is likely the test that you’ll be required to take to fulfill this requirement.

What is a firefighter aptitude test?

The Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test™ is not a measure of your self-worth or your intelligence. This is a test designed to measure your levels of reading ability, math skills, map reading skills, writing skills, and human relation competencies. … There are no trick questions on the test.

What is the first step in the selection process firefighter?

The written firefighter exam is usually the first step in the firefighter hiring process, after filling out an application. Written firefighter exams test candidates in a variety of subject areas. The following table outlines the most common subject areas and the types of questions related to each subject area.

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What should I say at a firefighter interview?

In-depth firefighter interview questions

  • How do you prioritize your career, family and friends?
  • What is a difficult decision you’ve had to make in life, and how did you handle it?
  • How do you handle stress?
  • How do you manage your time?
  • What is your regimen for keeping up with your physical fitness and ongoing education?

What is a firefighter candidate?

A probationary firefighter (PFF), also known as a rookie firefighter, a candidate firefighter, or probie, for short, is any firefighter in their first 6–18 months of service in a particular fire department.

What skills and qualities are needed to be a good firefighter?

The 10 traits all great firefighters have

  • 5 stresses firefighters deal with that others don’t know about.
  • Integrity. …
  • Physical fitness. …
  • Communication. …
  • Flexibility and adaptability. …
  • Dedication. …
  • Team player. …
  • Mechanical aptitude.

What qualities should a firefighter have?

5 Characteristics of a Firefighter

  • Excellence in Communication.
  • Compassion.
  • Fast and Sound Decision-Making Skills.
  • Courage.
  • Physical Stamina and Strength.

Is firefighter test hard?

I have found the written test to be the easiest part of the firefighter application process as long as you are well prepared for it. Preparation for this test is the only part of the process that you can influence yourself. Make sure you take time to study hard for these tests.

Is the firefighter exam multiple choice?

To pass the firefighter written test, you’ll need to get a sense of the exam. The test contains 100-150 questions in multiple-choice and true/false format that cover a broad range of skills including: Mathematical reasoning.

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Is the FCTC test hard?

While the tests are meant to be difficult, adequate preparation in the weeks and months leading up to your CPAT or Written Test can increase your odds of success.

What kind of math is on firefighter exam?

Candidates must complete the calculations in their heads. No written calculation is permitted. Questions are based on the type of math that firefighters must use on a regular basis as part of the job. Basic areas covered include: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and proportions.

What are the four portions of the entry level firefighter exam?

The Entrance Exam for firefighter Officer measures the basic skills necessary to perform successfully as a firefighter. The test covers four areas: (1) math skills, reading comprehension skills, (3) spelling and vocabulary skills, and ability to understand logical sequences.