What kind of fire is AB C fire extinguisher not good for?

3. What kinds of fires is a B:C extinguisher not good for? Wood, paper and cloth.

What type of fire extinguisher should never be used on a Class C fire?

Water and water-based foams are not capable of putting out Class C fires because they cannot counteract the constant, electrical ignition source.

Do ABC fire extinguishers work on all fires?

ABC Fire Extinguishers are very versatile. They are often the ideal choice being that they are able to extinguish all different types of fires. ABC Fire Extinguishers contain monoammonium phosphate, a dry chemical, that is able to quickly extinguish the fire.

What is a disadvantage of carbon dioxide fire extinguisher?

Disadvantages Of Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers

As CO2 works by displacing the oxygen around the fire, it is not suitable for outdoor use, or in environments exposed to windy conditions. CO2 is a high pressured extinguisher. Using it on class A fires or class F fires could cause the fire to spread.

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When should you not use a CO2 fire extinguisher?

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, when used in the right circumstances can save lives. However, it would be dangerous to use a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher when dealing with flammable gases, cooking oils and fats, or in a confined space.

What is Fire Class C?

Class C fires involve energized electrical equipment. Extinguishers with a C rating are designed for use with fires involving energized electrical equipment.

What is a Class C fire extinguisher used for?

Class C: Electrical equipment, appliances and wiring in which the use or a nonconductive extinguishing agent prevents injury from electrical shock.

Which extinguisher is a class AB and C type?


CO2 fire extinguishers have a black label. They were originally designed for use on flammable liquid fires and therefore have a class B fire rating. They can be used on electrical fires, as CO2 is not a conductor and they do not leave behind any harmful residue.

What is ab fire extinguisher?

September 3, 2019. ABC Fire Extinguishers use monoammonium phosphate, a dry chemical with the ability to quickly put out many different types of fires by smothering the flames. This pale, yellow powder can put out all three classes of fire: Class A is for trash, wood, and paper.

Should you use a foam extinguisher on a Class C fire?

The foam extinguisher can only be used on Class A and Class B fires only. If used on Class C fires, it will create a shock hazard. This type of fire extinguisher takes away the oxygen from a fire and removes the heat with a cold discharge.

Are CO2 fire extinguishers toxic?

However, toxicity can occur if a CO2 extinguisher is used in a small, poorly ventilated area. Inhalation of concentrated CO2 causes the same symptoms as not having enough oxygen, including difficulty breathing, dizziness, and loss of consciousness. Anyone exposed to concentrated CO2 should seek fresh air immediately.

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Which 2 fire extinguisher should not be used in confined spaces?

It is advised not use a CO2 fire extinguisher in a confined space, as it displaces oxygen and can asphyxiate the operator and other users.

Which two fire extinguishers should not be used in confined spaces?

When protecting employees and guests in confined spaces, the following fire extinguishers should be avoided:

  • Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are the worst type of equipment for fighting fires in confined spaces. …
  • Dry powder fire extinguishers. …
  • Halcon fire extinguishers.

Can CO2 fire extinguishers be used on any fire?

CO2 extinguishers are mainly used for electrical fire risks and are usually the main fire extinguisher type provided in computer server rooms. They also put out Class B fires.

Which areas of a CO2 extinguisher should you never hold during use as they may freeze?

Do not hold the horn, unless it is a frost-free horn, as it becomes extremely cold during use and can lead to severe frost burns. Only purchase CO2 extinguishers with frost-free horn to prevent this happening.

What is a disadvantage of carbon dioxide fire extinguishers OSHA?

Because of this, CO2 has been and is being used for fire protection in a number of hazard situations. One drawback to using carbon dioxide, however, is that its mechanism of fire suppression is through oxygen dilution, and not, as is the case for halon, through chemical disruption of the catalytic combustion chain.