What is the golden rule mean when applied to the fire service?

What does the Golden Rule mean when applied to the fire service. Treat everyone else as if they were a member of your family. Specific information on the actions to be taken to accomplish a certain task is provided by: Standard Operating Procedures.

What are the four basic management principles used by fire departments?

The management principles of the fire service are discipline, division of labor, unity of command, and span of control.

Which basic management principle says that each fire fighter should answer to only one supervisor?

The next principle is unity of command. This term simply states that all operating members at an incident must answer to one boss and one boss only.

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What NFPA standard specifies training and performance qualifications for firefighters?

NFPA 1001: Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications.

Which rank is directly above a lieutenant in the fire service?

Captain is a rank in various fire services. In most American and Canadian fire services, a captain ranks above a lieutenant and below a battalion chief, and therefore two grades above a regular firefighter.

How are fire protection services organized?

In the United States, firefighting is usually organized on a municipal level. Some municipalities belong to “fire protection districts” that are served by the same fire department, such as the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District. Austria, Germany and Canada also organize fire services at a municipal level.

When should the equipment that is used for fire service training be inspected?

Fire fighting equipment, except portable fire extinguishers and respirators, must be inspected at least annually. Portable fire extinguishers and respirators are required to be inspected at least monthly. 7. Protective clothing.

What is one of the two primary causes of death to fire fighters operating in a burning structure?

Heart attacks and motor-vehicle crashes cause more on-duty firefighter deaths than smoke, heat, flames or collapsing buildings, according to an analysis of firefighter deaths in 2002 by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association).

Who is responsible for developing and enforcing rules and procedures to meet NFPA 1500?

More than 250 Technical Committees and Panels are appointed by, and report to, the Standards Council. They serve as the primary consensus bodies responsible for developing and revising NFPA codes and standards.

What is the term for the fire fighter who has specialized knowledge or training for structural collapse?

What is the term for the firefighter at the rescue situation requiring specialized knowledge or training in structural collapse, trench rescue, swift water rescue, confined space rescue, etc.? Technical rescue technician.

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What does NFPA 1500 required to be part of fire Department training programs?

NFPA 1500 specifies the minimum requirements for an occupational safety and health program for fire departments or organizations that provide rescue, fire suppression, emergency medical services, hazardous materials mitigation, special operations, and other emergency services.

What are NFPA guidelines?

NFPA publishes more than 300 consensus codes and standards intended to minimize the possibility and effects of fire and other risks. NFPA codes and standards, administered by more than 250 Technical Committees comprising approximately 8,000 volunteers, are adopted and used throughout the world.

What does NFPA 1500 required for firefighters during emergencies?

NFPA 1500 sets requirements for the use of personal alert safety systems (PASS) devices, requiring their use for all emergency operations and testing of the devices on a weekly basis. In addition, criteria are established for the use of life safety rope, eye and face protection devices, and hearing protection.

Can a firehouse have two captains?

At a firehouse with two apparatus, there will typically be two captains with one serving as the firehouse’s commander. In Philadelphia, for example, a captain of a ladder company is the commanding officer of that firehouse, and the captain of the engine company supervises the medic unit in the station.

What is a group of firefighters called?

Fire Crew: An organized group of firefighters under the leadership of a crew leader or other designated official. Fire Front: The part of a fire within which continuous flaming combustion is taking place.

How much do fire lieutenants make?

Salary Ranges for Lieutenant Firefighters

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The salaries of Lieutenant Firefighters in the US range from $72,696 to $105,296 , with a median salary of $81,888 . The middle 57% of Lieutenant Firefighters makes between $81,888 and $89,597, with the top 86% making $105,296.