What is professionalism in the fire service?

Professionalism means acting appropriately and in a manner that is acceptable and careful. Applied to the fire service, a professional is not whether or not you are paid or volunteer.

What does professionalism mean in the fire service?

Professionalism is a demonstration of performance, presented with integrity, trustworthiness, honorability and high ethical standards on or off duty.

What makes a firefighter a professional?

Patience and Tolerance. With the fire service profession comes long hours of sitting around a firehouse with a wide variety of personalities. Successful firefighters must be patient and tolerant to endure long hours in the firehouse with their colleagues.

What are the 5 organizational principles of the fire service?

The management principles of the fire service are discipline, division of labor, unity of command, and span of control.

Why is respect important in the fire service?

If employees can treat their supervisors with respect, recognizing they have a difficult job and are sometimes only carrying out orders from higher up the food chain, then they can help minimize an atmosphere of mutual distrust.

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Why I left the volunteer fire service?

One reason given for members leaving volunteer fire organizations involved disputes between individuals. In some cases, the disagreements were between members. One simple statement about this aspect of the issues was provided by a survey participant who stated, “Sometimes it’s a conflict of personalities that clash.”

Are firefighters held to a higher standard?

It extends to EMS personnel and law enforcement officers as well. “One single misdeed taints not only the department but the profession,” said John Sinclair, chair of the EMS Division of the IAFC. Firefighters, EMS personnel and police officers are held to a higher standard.

What skills and qualities do you need to be a firefighter?


  • effective communication skills.
  • integrity, composure and a reassuring manner.
  • the ability to follow instructions.
  • the ability to work as part of a team.
  • problem-solving skills.
  • patience, understanding and sensitivity.
  • confidence and resilience.
  • adaptability and flexibility.

What personality type are firefighters?

Firefighters: ESTP, ISTP. Dynamic and action-oriented, ESTPs and ISTPs thrive on work that allows them to see immediate, tangible results for their efforts.

What are the values of a firefighter?

Instilling Organizational/Personal Core Values

  • Honor.
  • Ethics.
  • Accountability.
  • Responsibility.
  • Trust / Integrity.

What are the four categories of fire departments?

Organization type

Four percent of the registered departments are state and federal government fire departments, contract fire departments, private or industrial fire brigades, and transportation authority or airport fire departments.

How are fire protection services organized?

In the United States, firefighting is usually organized on a municipal level. Some municipalities belong to “fire protection districts” that are served by the same fire department, such as the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District. Austria, Germany and Canada also organize fire services at a municipal level.

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Which is the highest rank in the fire service?

The Fire Chief is the highest ranking position that you can achieve in a fire department. However, in most cities and municipalities, the Fire Chief answers to the city manager or mayor.

Why is it important for a firefighter to display Organisational values?

In the absence of authority, these firefighters will often undermine policy and undermine the authority behind the policy. Without strong personal values and strong organizational values, people will not commit themselves to doing what is right just because it’s right.

What is the role of a firefighter Scotland?

Provision of fire safety advice; visiting people’s homes and assessing the risk of fire and advising on how best to protect themselves. Working with other emergency services such as the police, ambulance and coastguard services providing specialist skills when required.

How do you become a fireman in Scotland?


To join the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service as a firefighter, applicants must be aged 18 years or over, meet the required medical and physical fitness standards, especially aerobic fitness and upper body strength, and have a good standard of vision and colour perception.