What does W mean when displayed on the NFPA diamond?

This indicates a potential hazard using water to fight a fire involving this material. When a compound is both water-reactive and an oxidizer, the W/bar symbol should go in this quadrant and the OX warning is placed immediately below the NFPA diamond.

What does the crossed out W mean in this NFPA label?

The white diamond uses different symbols to indicate different special hazards. The diamond can include: A strike-out W (W), for when the chemical reacts with water. OX, for when the chemical is an oxidizer.

What is being indicated by the letter W with black band in the NFPA symbol?

W – The W symbol indicates that the chemical being labeled has a strong reaction to water. Chemicals like potassium, magnesium, rubidium, and cesium that will explode, burn, or give off dangerous gases when exposed to water have this symbol.

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What does it mean if you see a W with a line through it on the white section of the NFPA diamond?

The white diamond has codes for “special hazards.” For example, if a chemical like ammonium nitrate should not touch water because it will explode, a W with a line through it will be written in the white diamond.

What does white represent on the NFPA diamond?

The four divisions are typically color-coded with red on top indicating flammability, blue on the left indicating level of health hazard, yellow on the right for chemical reactivity, and white containing codes for special hazards.

What does a crossed out w mean?

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What does the W with the line through it mean?

The won sign, ₩, is a currency symbol. It represents the South Korean won, the North Korean won and, unofficially, the old Korean won.

What are the 4 categories of identification for NFPA diamonds?

The system uses a color-coded diamond with four quadrants in which numbers are used in the upper three quadrants to signal the degree of health hazard (blue), flammability hazard (red), and reactivity hazard (yellow).

What is the most hazardous number on the Hazardous Material Identification Guide?

0-4 0-least hazardous 4-most hazardous 1-4 1-most severe hazard 4-least severe hazard • The Hazard category numbers are NOT required to be on labels but are required on SDSs in Section 2. Numbers are used to CLASSIFY hazards to determine what label information is required.

What is the highest severity level for the NFPA diamond hazard system?

Number System: NFPA Rating and OSHA’s Classification System 0-4 0-least hazardous 4-most hazardous 1-4 1-most severe hazard 4-least severe hazard • The Hazard category numbers are NOT required to be on labels but are required on SDSs in Section 2.

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What is the purpose of the NFPA?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is a global self-funded nonprofit organization, established in 1896, devoted to eliminating death, injury, property and economic loss due to fire, electrical and related hazards.

What does the diamond with numbers mean?

What do the numbers and symbols on an NFPA fire diamond mean? The diamond is broken into four sections. Numbers in the three colored sections range from 0 (least severe hazard) to 4 (most severe hazard). The fourth (white) section is left blank and is used only to denote special fire fighting measures/hazards.

What do the colors mean in the ERG?

The ERG is organized into easily recognized colors. WHITE – Introduction, instruction, guidance, placards, and more. YELLOW – Materials ordered by 4-Digit UN/NA Number. BLUE – Materials ordered by dangerous goods material name.

What do the colors represent on the NFPA diamond?

The four bars are color coded, using the modern color bar symbols with blue indicating the level of health hazard, red for flammability, orange for a physical hazard, and white for Personal Protection. The number ratings range from 0-4. The Health section conveys the health hazards of the material.

What can be on a GHS label?

6 Components of a GHS Label

  • Product Identifier/Ingredient Disclosure.
  • Signal Word.
  • Hazard Statements.
  • Precautionary Statements.
  • Supplier Information.
  • Pictograms.