What does Beatty reveal about himself in the firehouse?

Beatty reveals something very important about himself and his knowledge, what is it? when Beatty talks it is revealed that he is very wise and knows alot about the fireman industry. He knows the ups and downs and the common events that take place in a man’s life during the course of his fireman job.

What Beatty reveals?

His boss Captain Beatty. Beatty reveals something very important about himself and his knowledge on page 40 – what is it? He has read books in the past. What word has become a swear word?

What does Beatty say when he sees Montag in the firehouse Why?

What does Beatty say when he sees Montag in the firehouse? He called him a fool, but says that he was sensible to come back and welcome him back to work. … He wants to prove to Montag that books are very contradictory, so they cannot be relied on to give him the answers he is looking for.

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What does Beatty reveal about the history of firemen?

Montag asks how someone like Clarisse could exist, and Beatty says the firemen have been keeping an eye on her family because they worked against the schools’ system of homogenization. Beatty reveals that he has had a file on the McClellans’ odd behaviors for years and says that Clarisse is better off dead.

What was Beatty’s behavior at the firehouse?

How does Captain Beatty behave toward Montag at the firehouse? Suspiciously, rudely, and recounts a dream he supposedly had…then he tears down any possible argument Montag could have.

What unspoken deal does Beatty make with Montag?

What was the unspoken deal Beatty made with Montag? He can keep the book for 24 hours, but if he doesn’t return it, Beatty will burn it for him.

What is Montag’s reaction to Beatty’s lecture?

He continues, saying that he is unhappy, angry, heavy; he thinks that books might be the answer, and confesses his hoarding of books to Millie. Then he forces her to read some. The bottom line is that Beatty’s visit solidifies the restlessness and discontent that Montag has been feeling all along.

What was Montag’s idea?

What idea did Montag have? He has the idea to make copies of books.

What does Beatty tell Montag while they are playing this game?

We also know Beatty knows what Montag has done. In fact, Beatty has spoken with Montag about it, making it clear to him that a fireman who finds it necessary “to scratch that itch” is given twenty-four hours to do so. After that he must burn the books himself, or they will be forced to come burn them for him.

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How does Montag feel about himself as he rides the fire truck?

When Montag returns to the firehouse for work, he is divided. … How does Montag feel about himself a he rides the firetruck with the other men to burn more books? He thinks he should’ve kept quiet around the women. He doesn’t want to burn things anymore- he begins to get angrier and angrier.

What does Captain Beatty teach Montag about the history of the fire department?

He says that all firemen, at some point, struggle with the issues now bothering Montag. Beatty then tells Montag the real history of firemen, beginning with the development of mass media. It’s the story of life speeding up in the 20th century, the world getting more crowded, and people having less time.

What does Beatty tell Montag about how books disappeared What ideas concepts are true in our modern society?

What does Beatty tell Montag about how books disappeared? … So books had to be destroyed to make everyone happy and “equal”. From Beatty’s speech, what does Bradbury reveal about his own fears about society? What ideas/concepts are true in our modern society?

What are the firehouse rules What does this show about the goals of the fireman?

What do the rules show about the goals of the fireman? They want the problems gone as soon as possible. What happens when Montag’s team is called to a fire in an old house?

What does Beatty do when he hands him the book?

After Montag has given him the book, and Beatty throws it away, Montag joins Beatty and the men for a game of cards, but Beatty uses this as an opportunity to continue to lecture Montag on the dangers of books. It is clear that although Montag has returned the book, the conflict is not over.

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What does Beatty know about Montag that gives him an advantage?

What does he know about Montag that gives him an advantage? He is testing Montag and trying to confuse him. Beatty is baiting him, because he knows that Montag has the book to see if he’ll react to it.

What lies does Captain Beatty tell Montag Why do you think he tells this lie?

What lie did Captain’s Beatty tell Montag? He told Montag that women were too delicate to be workers. He told Montag that authors had never been appreciated; indeed, they had always been regarded as outcasts. … He told Montag that firemen had never been used to prevent fires, only to start them.