What best describes Bradstreet’s tone in upon the burning of our house?

What is the tone in verses upon the burning of our house?

The tone of this poem goes from shock, to wistfulness, to hope. Just before the poem begins, the narrator is sleeping peacefully, in unsuspecting security. She is suddenly awakened by “thund’ring noise” (line 3) and “piteous shrieks” (line 4).

What was Anne Bradstreet’s attitude upon seeing her house burn?

She wrote it to express the traumatic loss of her home and most of her possessions. However, she expands the understanding that God had taken them away in order for her family to live a more pious life. Bradstreet feels guilty that she is hurt from losing earthly possessions.

What is the attitude of upon the burning of our house?

This poem is autobiographical, based on the fire that engulfed the poet’s house in flames. The dominant attitude of the speaker is one of acceptance. She believes that she will be compensated in the afterlife for living a good and pious life on earth.

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What is the house on high erect in Bradstreet’s poem about her burning house?

The speaker’s husband died in the fire that destroyed their house. Q. What is the “house on high erect” in Bradstreet’s poem about her burning house? What the speaker regrets most is that she will not see her children grow up in that house.

What is the metaphor in upon the burning of our house?

Figurative language in this poem includes the use of extended metaphor. Bradstreet speaks of another house. The Architect (or designer/builder) is God. This house is better than her earthly home because it is furnished with spiritual glory.

What literary device is used in upon the burning of our house?

Upon The Burning Of Our House Literary Devices

The major literary devices used in the poem are assonance, consonance, alliteration, imagery, enjambment, rhetorical question and symbolism. Assonance is identified by the repetition of vowel sounds or tones.

Did Anne Bradstreet’s house burn down?

Even if her address was known, the building would surely be gone; in 1666, Bradstreet’s North Andover home burned down, prompting her to write one of her most well-known poems “Verses Upon the Burning of our House.”

What is a shared theme of Bradstreet’s poem upon the burning of our house and to my dear and loving husband?

Anne Bradstreet emphasizes romantic love and eternal love in her writing, which are not typical puritan beliefs. In her poem “To My Dear and Loving Husband”, she expresses her unconditional love towards her husband, which makes the readers assume that, for her, the most important person was her husband.

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What did Bradstreet lose when her house burned down?

The speaker, generally taken as Bradstreet herself, grieves the loss her home and all her material possessions, but also argues that this tragedy was God’s way of teaching her a spiritual lesson about the value of piety and faith.

What is the speaker’s first reaction when she sees her house burning quote and explain one line?

She witnesses and mourns the loss of her house and possessions. She quickly realizes that those possessions were actually God’s, not hers. She Blesses God’s name and is thankful that he took her things, because they belonged to God. She is also thankful that she still has her life on earth “…

What does a house on high erect mean?

When Bradstreet writes “Thou hast an house on high erect..” she means that— God has a heavenly home for all believers. You just studied 15 terms!