What are the steps to operate fire extinguisher Mcq?

The correct answer is C, 8 feet. According to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), it’s recommended that you stand 8 feet away when extinguishing a fire. The correct answer is D, Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep.

What is the four 4 step process to using a fire extinguisher?

For an easy-to-remember 4-step process to operating a fire extinguisher, learn the PASS system: Pull the pin while holding the extinguisher away from you to unlock the mechanism. Aim low toward the base of the fire. Squeeze the lever slowly.

What is used in fire extinguisher Mcq?

Carbon dioxide is used as fire extinguisher.

What are fire stages?

By most standards including the International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA) there are 4 stages of a fire. These stages are incipient, growth, fully developed, and decay.

What is the correct sequence of fire protection steps?

Remember, if you feel that you cannot safely extinguish the fire using the portable extinguisher available and if you have not already done so, pull the fire alarm, evacuate the area, and then call the fire department. When using an extinguisher, use the PASS system – Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep.

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What are the 4 types of fire extinguishers?

There are four classes of fire extinguishers – A, B, C and D – and each class can put out a different type of fire.

  • Class A extinguishers will put out fires in ordinary combustibles such as wood and paper.
  • Class B extinguishers are for use on flammable liquids like grease, gasoline and oil.

What is the third step in operating a fire extinguisher?

PASS Step 3: SQUEEZE the handle

Next, squeeze the handle of the fire extinguisher. This will cause the fire extinguisher to begin working.

What is the second step in the fire suppression process?

Step 2: Develop Community Partnerships

The residents are usually aware that a fire has occurred, and they are interested in finding out how to protect themselves and their families from fire. These fire prevention activities are part of the duties of the firefighting crews.

How many main types of fire extinguisher are there Mcq?

Each has its own characteristics, capabilities, and limitations. Three main types of portable fire extinguishers include: Water extinguishers. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extinguishers.

What is the first step of the fire response?

General fire response procedures must be implemented immediately upon suspicion of a fire. Remove patients and personnel from the immediate fire area if safe to do so. Activate Alarm and notify others. Activate nearest audible fire alarm by pulling the handle down on alarm.

What must you decide before using a fire extinguisher to put out a fire Mcq?

The correct answer is D, Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep. In FEMA’s article about putting out fires, it states that the acronym for PASS is pull, aim, squeeze, sweep.

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What are the 4 stages of a fire?

Compartment fire development can be described as being comprised of four stages: incipient, growth, fully developed and decay (see Figure 1).

What are the 3 stages of a fire?

of fire, how fire develops and significant events which can occur during a fire. Traditional Fire growth in a room can be divided into three distinct stages: the growth stage (incipient), the fully developed stage (free-burning), and the decay stage (smoldering).

What are the five stages of a fire?

To help minimise the risk to your building during a fire, check out our fire protection services.

  • Incipient. An incipient fire is a flame that is still in its beginning stage. …
  • Growth. As we move through the phases of a fire, we come to the second stage – growth. …
  • Fully Developed. …
  • Decay. …
  • Prevention in Your Building.