What are bonfire tokens?

Bonfire is a cryptocurrency token that launched on April 18, 2021. According to the whitepaper, it’s “a frictionless, yield-generating contract that allows the user to seek shelter amidst the uncertainty of the market.” … The other half is used for a liquidity pool, or a pool of crypto funds that facilitates trading.

Is Bonfire token a good investment?

Bonfire is a poor choice for a cryptocurrency investment. Tokens like this are a dime a dozen. They have big goals, like launching their own exchanges. They tack on a 10% transaction fee and tell you how you’ll profit just by holding.

Is Bonfire coin legit?

AUDIT : Bonfire Token has been audited and passed with flying colours. LOCKED EXCHANGE LIQUIDITY : The liquidity pool tokens for Bonfire are permanently locked in the zero-address, meaning that the developers cannot pull the rug on the market, and the PancakeSwap market will always have liquidity on it.

How much is Bonfire crypto worth?

BONFIRE Price Statistics

Bonfire Price $0.1602
Price Change24h $0.1602 1072069107.53%
24h Low / 24h High $0.0000000113 / $0.04228
Trading Volume24h No Data
Volume / Market Cap No Data
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How do you get a bonfire token?

Where can I buy Bonfire crypto?

  1. Visit the Bonfire website.
  2. Opt to use PancakeSwap V1 via the embed.
  3. Accept and continue to import Bonfire tokens.
  4. Connect a cryptocurrency wallet.
  5. Select a digital currency and the amount to trade.
  6. Set the slippage to 12%
  7. Complete the swap.

What happened bonfire tokens?

The truth is that Bonfire is just a cryptocurrency like any other, with two notable features that it copied from tokens that were trending: Static rewards: Every Bonfire transaction has a 10% fee. Half of that fee is redistributed to all Bonfire holders as a reward.

Can bonfire crypto hit 1 cent?

If the price of a coin like Bonfire ever reached a penny, holders would be spectacularly rich. Unfortunately, the 1 cent mark is impossible. That’s because staggering quantities of tokens are typically minted — 650 trillion in Bonfire’s case.

Does bonfire token have a future?

None of the top cryptocurrency exchanges have listed it, and they likely never will. If you’re wondering whether Bonfire has any sort of future, it’s doubtful.

Does bonfire have potential?

Bonfire is a frictionless, yield-generating contract that allows the user to seek shelter amidst the uncertainty of the market. The protocol was launched on April 18th, 2021 through an OTC presale mechanism on Binance Smart Chain (referred to as BSC).

Will bonfire be listed on Coinbase?

Bonfire is not supported by Coinbase.

Why is it called bonfire?

The word is actually derived from Middle English bonefire, meaning literally “a fire of bones.” (Way cooler etymology, right?) The earliest appearance of the word is glossed ignis ossium—Latin for “fire of bones.” And a citation from the 15th century confirms that this is not just a learned folk-etymology.

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Can I buy bonfire with ETH?

Ethereum transaction fees are too high for most retail investors to use. Just to send a simple transaction, investors will need to pay close to $50, depending on the demand for network space on Ethereum’s blockchain at any given moment.

What is the cost of ethereum?

ETH Price Statistics

Ethereum Price $3,739.64
Price Change24h $-308.00 7.61%
24h Low / 24h High $3,711.42 / $4,110.37
Trading Volume24h $19,995,084,724.77 29.54%
Volume / Market Cap 0.04502

How much does a Dogecoin cost?

The current price is $0.1714 per DOGE.

Is Bonfire free to use?

Pricing. Starting a Bonfire campaign is free, and you set your own fundraising goals! To accept donations for fundraising t-shirt campaigns, Bonfire charges a 3.5% processing fee and a 4.5% platform fee.

What Blockchain is bonfire on?

Bonfire is a cryptocurrency token that was launched on April 18 via the Binance Smart Chain Network.