Should you try to fight a fire?

If you are not trained in portable extinguisher use, the answer is easy: you should evacuate, and never attempt to fight a fire if you do not have extinguisher training.

Is it safe to fight a fire when?

Never fight a fire:

If the fire is spreading beyond the spot where it started. If you can’t fight the fire with your back to an escape exit. If the fire can block your only escape. If you don’t have adequate fire-fighting equipment.

Is it better to fight fire with fire?

When this happens, you may find yourself angered and tempted to respond, to throw fire back at the fire-starter. Unfortunately, this is the worst tactic to use: anger breeds more anger, fire more fire.

Should you fight small fires?

Excessive amounts of smoke, high temperatures, or limited visibility in the area indicates that it may be unsafe to try to extinguish the fire. Is there still an evacuation route? Small fires should be fought only if there is still a safe evacuation route available behind the firefighter.

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What should you do if you decide to fight a fire?

LEAVE THE BUILDING. Try to rescue others only if you can do so safely. Move away from the building and out of the way of the fire department. Don’t go back into the building until the fire department says it is safe to do so.

Why do firefighters start fires to fight fires?

Firefighters set backfires to stop the spread or change the direction of a wildfire. This is done by burning the fuel (grass, brush, trees, etc.) in front of a wildfire so it has nothing to burn when it reaches that point. Firefighters use a variety of tools to accomplish this.

How do Hotshots fight fires?

Hotshot crews are proficient in a range of fire suppression tactics. Like other handcrews, IHCs are primarily tasked with constructing, firing out and holding firebreaks, through the use of chainsaws, hand tools, ignition devices and water delivery equipment.

What does don’t fight fire with fire mean?

: to fight against an opponent by using the same methods or weapons that the opponent uses.

What is the golden rule when tackling a fire?

When considering whether to tackle a small fire yourself if you discover one, always bear in mind the golden rule of fire safety; If in doubt, get out, stay out and call the Fire Brigade immediately.

When should you not fight a fire for personal safety reasons?

Never fight a fire if:

  • You do not know what material is burning.
  • You do not know what type of fire extinguisher to use.
  • You do not know how to use the fire extinguisher.
  • The fire is spreading beyond the spot where it started.
  • Your instincts tell you not to.
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How do you approach a fire?

Approach the fire standing at a safe distance. Aim the nozzle or outlet towards the base of the fire. Squeeze the handles together to discharge the extinguishing agent inside. To stop discharge, release the handles.

What are three important points to know before fighting fire?

Before deciding to fight a fire, be certain that:

  • The fire is small and not spreading.
  • A fire can double in size within two or three minutes.
  • You have the proper fire extinguisher for what is burning.
  • The fire won’t block your exit if you can’t control it.
  • A good way to ensure this is to keep the exit at your back.

How do you tell if a fire is out?

The fire is fully extinguished when it’s completely cool to the touch. The rocks surrounding the fire should be cool to the touch when the fire is fully extinguished.