How would you respond if you hear a fire alarm?

When you hear the fire alarm What are you supposed to do?

When you hear a fire alarm, you must act immediately. Never assume that it could be a false alarm as the longer you wait after hearing a fire alarm the less time you will get to evacuate yourself and your loved ones out of the affected premises.

How do you respond to a false fire alarm?

Responding to False Fire Alarms

  1. Water flowing, no fire: Assist the owner and occupants as necessary to preserve personal property and the building.
  2. No water flowing, no fire: Notify a representative of the building owner and/or occupant.

What action should you take if you hear continuous fire alarm?

If there is a continuous fire alarm, evacuate to the fire as- sembly point as indicated on fire action notices. Do not re-enter the building unless told it is safe by the fire response team or fire and rescue service.

How do you stop a false fire alarm?

Avoiding false alarms

  1. Ensure any fans, vents, and if possible windows, are open before cooking or showering.
  2. Some smoke detectors are extremely sensitive and steam from showers, smoke from burning food, even sprays from aerosol cans such as deodorant and hair-spray can set them off.
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How do you stop a false smoke alarm?

To silence a nuisance alarm, press and hold the Test/Silence button on your unit. This will quiet the horn so you can find what caused the alarm. If you’re not able to find the button, read our guide for more help: Use the Silence Button on Smoke or CO Alarms.

When might it be appropriate to shout a fire alarm?

If you discover or even suspect a fire, then you need to raise the alarm immediately. This is so that everyone can get to safety before the fire escalates in seriousness. Should a smoke alarm go off in the middle of the night at home, don’t go and investigate the cause.

What responsibilities do all staff have during a fire incident?

Make sure that all staff are aware of any fire safety plans and procedures in place, along with the location of fire extinguishers, escape routes and assembly point(s). Ensure that you hold regular fire drills and fire alarm tests so that staff are well aware of their escape routes and their responsibilities.

How do you evacuate a patient during fire?

When patients, visitors and employees are evacuated to an area on the same floor, move them beyond the fire/smoke barrier doors. 7. If you have laterally evacuated to a safe area, on the smoke-free side of the fire/smoke barrier doors, you may evacuate by elevator ONLY under the direction of the fire department.

Who responds to a fire alarm?

Role of the Fire Department

The local fire department is viewed as the authority having jurisdiction upon an alarm of fire. The fire department is responsible to respond immediately to an alarm and carry out an investigation of cause for the alarm.

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