How do you maintain a home fire sprinkler system?

Fire sprinklers require almost no maintenance and only work when you need them. Do a simple flow test about twice a year or have your sprinkler contractor do it for you. Occasionally do a visual inspection of the controls and sprinklers. Use a padlock to keep the water valve in the ON position.

How do you maintain fire sprinklers?

How to Maintain a Fire Sprinkler System | A Guide for Fire Professionals

  1. Check non-electronic control values. …
  2. Remove coatings from sprinkler heads. …
  3. Remove high objects from beneath sprinklers. …
  4. Check water pressure for sprinklers. …
  5. Perform a full sprinkler system inspection. …
  6. Interested in inspecting sprinkler systems?

How often should fire sprinklers be serviced?

Every 5 years: Sprinklers exposed to extra-high temperatures and harsh environments, along with gauges on all sprinkler system types, should be tested or replaced every five years. Every 10 years or more: Dry sprinklers should be tested or replaced every 10 years.

Do I need to flush my fire sprinkler system?

Over time, sprinkler systems can accumulate dirt, dust, paint, and other debris. If a fire happens, the trapped dirt or grime can obstruct the sprinkler heads, causing them to be ineffective. To ensure that your fire sprinklers remain clean and responsive, scheduling regular cleanings and inspections is crucial.

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Do sprinkler systems need maintenance?

To get a return on your investment, you need a summer maintenance plan to keep your water sprinkler working its best. Since your lawn sprinkler system is open during the spring, summer and fall months, it makes sense that you employ good maintenance practices to keep it working when you need it the most.

Can fire sprinkler heads be cleaned?

Clean-up is simple, as well. All you need is warm water to rinse the SprinklerVac and a soft cloth to dry it. It really is the best option for cleaning fire sprinkler heads. Avoid spending an immense amount of effort and money replacing dirty sprinklers, or risking a burst-bulb using compressed air.

How long do fire sprinklers last?

Adapted from Table about testing in the 2016 Edition of NFPA 25

Type Frequency
Sprinklers At 75 years and every 5 years thereafter
Dry Sprinklers 10 years and every 10 years thereafter
Sprinklers (extra high or greater temperature solder type) 5 years
Fast Response Sprinklers At 20 years and every 10 years thereafter

How are sprinklers checked?

The inspector’s test is typically located at the farthest point of the sprinkler system. The inspector will then open the inspector’s test, the inspector’s test simulates a sprinkler activating and shall send a signal to the fire alarm panel within 90 seconds.

How do you keep sprinklers from rusting?

Spritz the sprinkler head with a silicone spray. The silicone lubricates and helps prevent iron and rust buildup.