Best answer: How does Montag escape the firemen?

Montag escapes from the city by killing Captain Beatty, surviving the Mechanical Hound, and planting books in Black’s home before arriving at Professor Faber’s house. … Montag then runs toward the river, where he removes his clothes, douses himself with liquor, and puts on Faber’s old clothes.

How does Montag get away from the firefighters?

The other firemen do not move, and he knocks them out. The Mechanical Hound appears and injects Montag’s leg with anesthetic before he manages to destroy it with his flamethrower. Montag stumbles away on his numb leg.

How did Montag escape?

In one quick motion, Montag turns the liquid fire on Captain Beatty, who collapses to the pavement. After pummeling Stoneman and Black, Montag tries to escape, but the Mechanical Hound stuns him in the leg with its procaine needle.

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Why is Montag trying to escape?

In Fahrenheit 451, Montag’s plan to escape is to use the river.

What does Montag repeat as he escapes?

In this passage, Montag muses on the sun as he escapes the city and floats down the river in “Burning Bright.” Montag sees the stars for the first time in years, and he finally enjoys the leisure to think that Faber told him he would need in order to regain his life.

What does Montag do to fireman Black’s family?

Black’s house, his fellow fireman. Montag then plants the books in his kitchen, exits the house and then called in the alarm from a distance for the house to be burnt down. He frames the Black family so that their house can be torched as payback for the innumerable times Mr.

How does Montag get away from the mechanical hound?

It’s pretty clever how Montag gets away. He uses water, bug spray, fire, whiskey, old clothes, and his quick wits to escape the nemesis that once worked with him, not against him. Montag’s understanding of how the Hound works eventually enables him to trick it and escape.

Why is this fire different from what Montag knows fire to be?

Montag describes the fire as strange because it “it meant a different thing to him.” All of his life he has looked at the world one way. He has been taught to fear the unknown, and respect and fear fire. He has been told that if something is different, it’s destructive.

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What Realization stops Montag in his tracks and causes him to sob *?

What realization stops Montag in his tracks and causes him to sob? Montag realized that Beatty wanted to die and armed his with a flamethrower and made him made on purpose so that Montag would kill him. This realization caused Montag to sob. You just studied 16 terms!

How is the camp fire different from the burning fire with which Montag is familiar?

How is the campfire in the woods different from the burning fire with which Montag is familiar with? … The fire at the campfire was for warmth and the one he was familiar with burned books.

Why did Montag run away before he killed Beatty?

Why didn’t Montag run away before he killed Captain Beatty? He wanted to stay and watch his house and books burn totally into ashes. Faber told him to stay where he was.

Where does Montag plan to run away to?

Montag plans on traveling to the river, where he will swim downstream and escape from the city.

What do firemen bet on dull nights?

Describe the Mechanical Hound. It goes around smelling for books. What do the firemen bet on on dull nights? They bet on how long it will take the hound to catch and kill small animals.

Why does Montag believe he must never burn again?

Why does Montag decide to never burn again? The sun burns everyday, and time passes. Time meaning life; they go through stages. Years are going to pass and they should let people live their lives.

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Who said burn all burn everything in Fahrenheit 451?

Quote by Ray Bradbury: “Forget them. Burn all, burn everything.