Are you allowed to have a fire pit in Staten Island?

But according to spokesman Jim Long, “Anything from an outdoor patio fireplace, fire pit, chiminea and hearth are strictly prohibited and illegal to use in the City of New York.” …

Can I have a fire pit in my backyard in NYC?


Are wood fire pits legal in NYC?

A: Fire pits are illegal in New York City because they are considered open flames, which are strictly prohibited. … The firefighters “would give those using the fire pit an opportunity to personally correct or we would extinguish” the fire, said Jim Long, an FDNY spokesman. “As long as we find them to be cooperative.”

What fire pits are legal in NYC?

Per the New York City fire code, open fires are prohibited, and “portable outdoor fire pits that burn wood or other solid fuel (such as manufactured firelogs)” are considered to be open fires.

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Can you put a fire pit anywhere?

Fire pits should be placed on a level surface, no less than ten feet away from any structure, 20-25 feet or more is best, in a wide-open space, away from trees with low hanging limbs, woodpiles, bushes, and other materials that could ignite if contact with a flame is made.

Are fire pits legal in Long Island?

Is it legal to have a fire pit in a backyard? No, it is illegal to have an open fire or flame of any type on a property. The only exception is an outdoor grill, a similar cooking appliance or an appliance that cooks over a wood flame.

Are fire pits legal in NJ?

The new rules ban most types of ground fires — including campfires, backyard fire pits and low-level barbecue grills, fire officials said. … According to the fire service’s website, agricultural burning is allowed in all areas of the state, but the hours are limited to 6 a.m. to noon in the North Jersey region.

How do I report a fire pit in NYC?

The Fire Department will issue summonses and violations when appropriate.

  1. Online. Download the Fire Hazard Complaint form. Email the completed form to
  2. By Fax. Fax the completed form to (718) 999-7108.
  3. By Phone.

Is fireplace legal in NYC?

The NYC Fire Code regulates all flames, fireplaces, grills and barbecues in all boroughs, even in private dwellings and non-apartment homes (this includes townhouses and freestanding homes). Open fires—defined as fires for non-cooking purposes not exhausted through a flue (chimney)—are prohibited in New York.

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Are bonfires illegal in New York?

“To protect our communities and natural resources, New York prohibits residential burning during the high-risk fire season to reduce the potential for wildfires. … DEC will post a Fire Danger Map rating forecast daily for the 2021 fire season and the NY Fishing, Hunting & Wildlife App, on DEC’s website.

Where can you have a bonfire in NYC?

The 13 Best Places for Bonfires in New York City

  • The Hoodie Shop. 181 Orchard St (btwn Stanton & E Houston St.), …
  • The Lambs Club. 132 W 44th St (btwn Broadway & 6th Ave), New York, NY. …
  • La Mia Pizza. 6.2. …
  • Manhattan Cricket Club. …
  • Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company. …
  • Nick & Toni’s Cafe. …
  • Tocqueville Restaurant. …
  • Inwood Farm.

Can you have a fire pit on a roof?

A gas fire pit can often be installed under a covered patio, but the fire pit must be pre-approved by your city first. You also need to confirm that the ceiling height, ventilation, location, and flooring of your outdoor space meet the manufacturer’s requirements, prior to installation.

Can you have a bonfire in Brooklyn?

Small campfires are allowed in Brooklyn Park year round for recreational or religious purposes only. Campfires are allowed if you follow all recreational fire requirements. Fuel area can be a maximum of three feet in diameter. Flames can be a maximum of two feet above ground level.

Are fire pits legal in Connecticut?

The burning of wood in a campfire, bonfire, chiminea or other similar devices is prohibited if the burning is conducted so that it creates a nuisance for neighbors or it is in violation of any restrictions imposed on such burning by your local municipality.

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How close can a fire pit be to a house?

Fire safety

First things first, your fire pit should be at least 10 feet away from any structure or combustible surface. Before lighting an outdoor fire, check the weather forecast. Avoid windy conditions that can blow embers.

Is it illegal to have a bonfire?

Remember it is not illegal to have a bonfire and there are no local bye-laws preventing you having one, however you must not cause a nuisance to your neighbours. A smoky bonfire or having garden bonfires on a frequent basis may well cause a nuisance and that can be an offence.