Are fire pits legal in Detroit Michigan?

(In Detroit, outdoor fires must be in a fire pit, three feet or less in diameter and located 10 feet away from flammable objects and property lines.) No matter what the rules say, always make sure small children, pets, gas cans, recycling bins, etc. are kept safely away from your fire.

Do you need a permit for a fire pit in Michigan?

Fire Pits:

All recreational fires must be in an approved fire pit. Fire pits must be at least 25 feet from all structures (per City ordinance) and 25 feet from property lines, if possible. Pits closer than 25 feet from a property line require written approval from the neighboring property owner.

How far does a fire pit have to be from a house in Michigan?

.. 2. Fire in an open pit shall be a distance of not less than fifty (50) feet from any structure or combustible construction.

Are campfires allowed in Michigan right now?

Yes, campfires will be allowed at most state parks and recreation areas, and campers must have campfires only in the designated fire ring on their designated campsite. There are some state parks that have rustic, unsupervised areas for camping. … Campers should check at the state park for guidelines for campfires.

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What is considered recreational burning?

Recreational burning means an outdoor fire which is used to cook food for human consumption such as a campfire, warming fires and bonfires.

Is a fire pit considered a recreational fire?

Most cities and towns allow small recreational fires. A recreational fire is usually defined as a campfire, bonfire, or backyard fire in a fire pit.

Can I put a fire pit on my wood deck?

Don’t: Never place your fire pit directly on a wood deck. The heat, flying sparks, and ash can seriously damage your deck and can also lead to a dangerous fire.

How close should a fire pit be to the house?

Fire safety

First things first, your fire pit should be at least 10 feet away from any structure or combustible surface. Before lighting an outdoor fire, check the weather forecast. Avoid windy conditions that can blow embers.

Can I have a campfire in my yard in Michigan?

In Michigan, open burning is regulated by the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act (Act 451 of 1994) and associated rules. … These permits allow for tree limbs, brush, stumps, evergreen needles, leaves, and grass to be burned in a safe manner.

What can I burn in my outdoor fire pit?

The best material to burn in your backyard fire pit is wood, including:

  • Pinion wood.
  • Alder.
  • Cedar.
  • Oak.
  • Hickory.
  • Mesquite.
  • Pecan.
  • Fruit woods like apple and cherry.

Can you burn lumber in a fire pit?

The EPA warns against burning driftwood due to the possible toxicity it may cause. You should never use construction materials as firewood. Most lumber created for construction projects have been dipped in chemicals to prevent temporary mildew during the construction process.

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