You asked: Why sulphuric acid is used in fire extinguisher?

The reaction of sulfuric acid with baking soda liberated carbon dioxide, which increases the percentage of carbon dioxide. Hence, the sulphuric acid is used as in fire extinguishers.

Why is sulphuric acid kept in fire extinguisher?

When the knob of the fire extinguisher is opened, the sulphuric acid reacts with sodium bicarbonate producing a large amount of carbon dioxide. As carbon dioxide is non-combustible and heavier than air, it cuts off the air supply of the oxygen and extinguishes the flame.

Which acid is used in fire extinguisher?

The sulphuric acid is combined with sodium bicarbonate solution and creates an amount of carbon dioxide gas when the fire extinguisher is operated by turning the knob on it.

Why are washing soda and sulphuric acid used in fire extinguishing machine?

Soda acid type extinguisher acts by cutting off supply of air. It acts on all types of fire except due to electrical and inflammable liquids. The carbon dioxide is liberated by the action of acid on baking soda. It increases the percentage of carbon dioxide in air (CO2 is non supporter of combustion).

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Why na2co3 is used in fire extinguisher?

Sodium bicarbonate is used in fire extinguishers because carbon dioxide is produced when it reacts with the high heat of the fire.

Why is soda acid fire extinguisher not effective when oil catches fire?

(a) Soda-acid fire extinguisher is not successful in controlling fire due to oils because it uses water to cool the combustible substance. But water is heavier than oil and settles down below the oil particles and oil keeps on burning on the top. Hence, fire cannot be controlled.

What is CTC fire extinguisher?

This consisted of a glass sphere filled with CTC, that was intended to be hurled at the base of a fire (early ones used salt-water, but CTC was more effective). Carbon tetrachloride was suitable for liquid and electrical fires and the extinguishers were fitted to motor vehicles.

What is foam extinguisher?


Foam is an effective smothering agent, used for liquid fires mainly. It acts by flowing over the liquid fuel oil surface and isolating the fire from the air, also prevents re-ignition due to the foam stability.

Can HCL be used in fire extinguisher?

In the above reaction hydrochloric acid is used as acid and NaHCO3 is used as metal hydrogen carbonate to react with each other which produces carbon dioxide gas. 5) Therefore, Metal hydrogen carbonate is used with acid in a fire extinguisher to produce carbon dioxide gas which shows option B as the correct choice.

Is calcium carbonate used in fire extinguisher?

Calcium carbonate, although much less reactive, is also not used for the same reason. Carbonates which are poisonous, such as barium, lead and the like, are not suitable. The carbonates of cobalt, chromium, cadmium and bismuth may be used but they are relatively expensive.

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Which salt is used in fire extinguisher?

Sodium bicarbonate is a chemical compound that is used in both fire extinguishers and antacids. Sodium bicarbonate, commonly known as baking soda, is a chemical compound with the formula . It is a salt made of a sodium cation and a bicarbonate anion.