You asked: What are the disadvantages of fire extinguisher?

What is the main disadvantage of a multi purpose fire extinguisher?

Reduces visibility when discharged, so consideration required when placing near escape routes, stairwells, etc. May aggravate respiratory conditions when discharged. Limited cooling properties. While Powder is safe for use on electrical fires, it can cause corrosion.

What is a disadvantage of a water fire extinguisher?

Disadvantages Of Water Extinguishers

Do not use on electrical fires due to shock hazards. Using water fire extinguishers for fat and also flammable liquids will aggravate the fire.

What is the disadvantage of foam extinguisher?

Disadvantages: The liquid in the extinguisher will damage electrical equipment such as computers (although these may of course have already been damaged by the fire itself)

What is the disadvantage of dry chemical fire extinguisher?

Disadvantages: Obscures vision. More irritating than ordinary dry chemical. Nozzle pressure may cause burning liquids to splash.

What are the disadvantages of fire?

Disadvantages: Fire can cause soil damage, especially through combustion in the litter layer and organic material in the soil. This organic material helps to protect the soil from erosion. When organic material is removed by an essentially intense fire, erosion can occur.

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Does a fire extinguisher cause damage?

Proper use of fire extinguishers is generally safe; however, there is some risk for mild respiratory, skin, or eye irritation. Use in areas with poor air flow, use with intent to harm someone, or intentional inhalation of fire extinguishers can produce serious toxicity and would require medical evaluation.

What are some of the disadvantages of using water as an extinguishing agent quizlet?

Which of the following is a disadvantage to using water as an extinguishing agent? It reacts explosively with some metal vapors. What class of foam is used on three-dimensional solid fuel fires? Which of the following foams is compatible with dry chemical fire suppressants?

What are its advantages as a fire extinguisher?

When you use a portable extinguisher to put out a blaze early on, you reduce the amount of harmful pollutants being released, while also reducing the amount of water required to fight the fire, helping minimise impact on the environment.

Which fire extinguisher is suitable for electrical fire?

In the case of electrical fires, also known as energized electrical fires, a class C fire extinguisher is needed to put it out.

What is the biggest disadvantage to dry chemical systems?

Disadvantages of a Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System

You must have your system recharged after it is activated in order for the system to work again. Because these systems pump out a lot of agent to extinguish the fire, extensive cleanup is required after each use.