What is the shift in Upon the Burning of Our House?

Terms in this set (38) Why does Bradstreet shift her focus from her house to her heart in stanzas 6 and 7 of “Upon the Burning of Our House? the shift is from earthly to heavenly. She lost her possessions on earth and she was sad about it but she is happy that she didn’t lose what God has in store for her.

What is the turning point in upon the burning of our house?

The turning point in the story occurs when the speaker quits pining over the ruins of her home and begins to realize that she should be focusing on her home in heaven rather than her home on earth.

What is the conflict in upon the burning of our house?

What is the internal conflict Bradstreet describes in her poem? She has the internal conflict of mourning over her items she has lost to the fire, but is ashamed since her religious beliefs contradict her emotions of being attached by her earthly possessions.

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What is the summary of the poem upon the burning of our house?

Summary of Verses upon the Burning of Our House

The poem speaks about the traumatic loss of the speaker’s home and most of her valuable possessions in a fire accident. It also illustrates how she accepts this incident and moves on in life. Apart from the destruction, the poem encourages resignation to God’s will.

What did Bradstreet lose when her house burned down?

Themes. While Bradstreet speaks on a variety of themes, such as loss, sorrow, and material wealth, the main focus of this poem is on God and religion. In the fifty-four lines of the pome Bradstreet details her emotional experience on the night that her home burned down and she lost all of her material possessions.

Which emotion did Bradstreet not experience in her poem upon the burning of our house?

She was not focusing on God. She missed events that occurred in the house. She had longing for earthly materials she had lost. All of the answers given.

What happened to Anne Bradstreet?

Anne Bradstreet died on September 16, 1672, after a few months’ illness. While the cause of death is not certain, the likelihood is that it was her tuberculosis. Twenty years after her death, her husband played a minor role in the events surrounding the Salem witch trials.

How can she thank God for burning her house down?

How is she able to thank God for burning her house down (line17)? Lines 21 – 36 occur at some later point in time after the fire. … She knows it was God’s will.

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What does Bradstreet mean by Adieu Adieu all’s vanity?

What does the author mean “Adieu, Adieu all’s vanity? All earthly possessions are temporary – the only thing permanent are things of eternal value that are not burnt up by fire – your character etc.

How does the structure of the poem affect its meaning?

Poets will pay particular attention to the length, placement, and grouping of lines and stanzas. … Setting those two lines aside gives emphasis to their content, so whatever message is being sent will be given more importance. Another aspect of the structure of poems is the rhythm, which is the beat of the poem.

What does let no man know is my desire mean?

The poet presumably means to tell us that the fire which gutted her home was unwanted, horrible, far from her “Desire.” And yet, unintentionally perhaps, because of the strangely wrenched syntax and misplaced negative (which ideally belongs in closer proximity to its verb), the impression the reader gets is quite …

What does Anne Bradstreet wish for after death?

Her hope for heaven was an expression of her desire to live forever rather than a wish to transcend worldly concerns. For her, heaven promised the prolongation of earthly joys, rather than a renunciation of those pleasures she enjoyed in life.

What does yet by his gift is made thine own mean?

The arm of flesh didst make thy trust? … Yet by his gift is made thine own. Heaven is made by God as her true home, it is permanent and payed for by God through the sacrifice of Jesus. what do these lines mean: There’s wealth enough; I need no more.

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