What is the mission of the fire service quizlet?

The mission of the fire service is to save lives and to protect property and the environment from fires and other hazardous situations.

What is the fundamental mission of the fire service?

the mission of the fire service is to “save lives and protect property.” This is true no matter what services your department offers.

What is the most common type of fire department organizational structure?

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What specialized jobs and divisions exist within the fire service?

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  • Fire apparatus operator/driver.
  • Hazardous Materials (Haz mat)
  • Rescue Technician.
  • Airport Fire Fighter.
  • Wildland Fire Fighter.
  • Emergency Medical Services.
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What is the main purpose of a fire department member assistance program MAP )? Group of answer choices?

A. The Member Assistance Program (MAP) provides confidential counseling, guidance and referral services to help Members and their families manage personal and work-related problems.

What is fire service motto?

Know fire safety, no pain, no fire safety, know pain.

What is the fire department motto?

We are dedicated to your safety. And every day we come to work, we consider it a privilege to protect and serve you.

What are the fire service organizational principles?

The management principles of the fire service are discipline, division of labor, unity of command, and span of control.

Why are fire departments important?

Firefighters also provide an important role in educating the public regarding fire and safety. Teaching fire prevention and educating the public on how to respond in emergency situations can help save lives. … Some fire departments have outreach services to underserved communities, and teach fire safety in workplaces.

How are fire protection services organized?

In the United States, firefighting is usually organized on a municipal level. Some municipalities belong to “fire protection districts” that are served by the same fire department, such as the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District. Austria, Germany and Canada also organize fire services at a municipal level.

What are the different roles in the fire service?

The job that everybody knows, but what other jobs can firefighters do, other then what they are commonly known for – fighting fires.

  • Aerial Appliance Operator/Driver. …
  • Specialist Rescue Technician. …
  • Usar – urban search and rescue. …
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Who is ultimately responsible for the training of fire fighters and why?

Who has the overall responsibility of the training bureau within the fire department? The Training Chief. Many departments have company officers assigned as the primary training officers; therefore, name a task that falls within their responsibility?

Which fire service organizational principle refers to the formal line of authority responsibility and communication within the organization?

Chain of Command: The orderly line of authority within the ranks of the incident management organization.

Which fire service organizational principle refers to the formal line of authority responsibility and communication within an organization group of answer choices?

9. Scalar Chain. The chain of command, sometimes called the scalar chain, is the formal line of authority, communication, and responsibility within an organization.