What crime does Montag commit when they burn the old woman’s house?

Usually, the occupant of a house holding books is taken away and the firemen only have to burn the books and possibly the house. But the woman was determined not to leave. Montag steals a book. The firemen continue to burn all books they find.

What happens after Montag burns his house?

Beatty orders Montag to burn the house by himself with his flamethrower and warns that the Hound is on the watch for him if he tries to escape. Montag burns everything, and when he is finished, Beatty places him under arrest.

What happens to the old woman whose house is burned by the firemen?

What happens to the old woman whose house is burned by the firemen? She refuses to leave and dies in the fire.

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What smell makes Montag vomit?

Montag is sick the next morning, and the omnipresent stink of kerosene makes him vomit. He tells Mildred about burning the old woman and asks her if she would mind if he gave up his job for a while.

When did Montag burn his house down?

By the time the burning house falls down, it’s 3:30 in the morning. The firemen, including the Captain Beatty, are standing outside watching it fall. Montag asks the Captain if his wife was the one to turn in the alarm.

What question haunts Montag and his wife?

That she bets Beatty framed her and put all of his books in her attic. What question haunts Montag because neither he nor his wife can remember the answer? How many kids they have. How many fires has Montag started over his career?

How does Mildred say Clarisse died?

Mildred later tells Montag that Clarisse was run over and killed by a car and that her family moved away.

What happens when the fire team chops into an old woman’s home and find her books *?

What happens when the fire team chops into an old woman’s home and find her books? They brutally beat her and then set her books ablaze. She has a heart attack and dies.

Why did Montag change in Fahrenheit 451?

Guy Montag’s Changes Through Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury Essay. People can change due to the influence of other people. Guy Montag changes from being a book burning monster to an independent knowledge seeker due to the influences of Clarisse McClellan.

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What does Montag take from the woman’s house and hide in his shirt?

Mildred is upset and goes to start burning the books herself. Montag takes some of the books and hides them in the yard before Mildred can burn them all. Montag leaves and goes to the fire station and gives Beatty a book, who throws it in a trashcan without even looking at it.

Where does Montag hide the book he took from the old woman’s house?

Montag hides the book under his pillow.

Montag always liked being a fireman, and felt no shame, until Clarisse got him to question his life by asking him if he was happy. Then, when he went on call to Mrs. Blake’s house, the call was different. Mrs.

Why did Montag burn his own house?

Answers 1. Beatty wants to challenge Montag to his core, telling him that Mildred and his neighbors betrayed him. In ordering him to destroy his own home, Beatty feels that he will have totally destroyed the tiniest flicker of counter-cultural tendency in Montag’s attitude and character.

What room of the house does Montag burn down first?

What objects does Montag burn first? the bedroom, the twin beds, the bedroom walls, the cosmetic chest. Why does Montag burn the objects he burns first? He wants to destroy everything between him and Millie.

How does Montag feel about burning his own house why?

When forced to burn his own house by Chief Beatty, Montag feels conflicting emotions. He is sorry to burn the books, sorry to burn his house itself in some ways because it still has happy memories for him. … He reads books, and so much that he actually memorizes them.

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