Quick Answer: What are the methods of fire protection?

What are the different types of fire protection?

The Most Common Types of Fire Suppression Systems

  • Water-Based Fire Suppression Systems. One of the most common types of fire protection systems uses water to knock out fires. …
  • Chemical Foam Suppression Systems. …
  • Pneumatic Heat Detection Tube. …
  • Pressurized Gas System. …
  • Foam Deluge Systems.

What is fire protection and prevention?

fire prevention and control, the prevention, detection, and extinguishment of fires, including such secondary activities as research into the causes of fire, education of the public about fire hazards, and the maintenance and improvement of fire-fighting equipment.

What are two types of fire protection?

There are two types of fire-fighting equipment: portable (eg fire extinguishers, fire blankets) and fixed systems (eg fire hydrants, sprinkler systems).

What are the three components of fire protection?

Oxygen, heat, and fuel are frequently referred to as the “fire triangle.” Add in the fourth element, the chemical reaction, and you actually have a fire “tetrahedron.” The important thing to remember is: take any of these four things away, and you will not have a fire or the fire will be extinguished.

What is fire protection plan?

A fire safety plan is a formal document containing the procedures to follow in case of a fire. It is necessary that every employee knows the procedures to be followed prior to any fire as to avoid any type of misunderstanding or stampede which can unnecessarily lead to death or the deaths of other employees.

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What is an active method of fire prevention?

Active fire protection requires action to be taken to detect and alert, stop or contain a fire. This may involve a person taking a manual action, such as using a portable fire extinguisher. On the other hand, this may be a smoke detector that triggers an alarm or automatic sprinkler.

What are the 3 ways that a fire is transmitted?

A fire spreads by transferring heat energy in three ways: Radiation, Convection, and Conduction.

  • Radiation.
  • Convection.
  • Conduction.