Quick Answer: How many firefighters are in San Antonio?

What city has the most firefighters?

Top 50 Cities for Firefighters

Rank City Total Jobs
1 Amarillo, TX 470
2 Pueblo, CO 250
3 Leominster, MA 320
4 Waco, TX 300

How many firefighters are in Texas?

Texas State Association of Fire Fighters (TSAFF)

The State Association of Fire Fighters was established in 1938 and is Texas’ only profesional, career fire fighters organization, representing over 15,000 fire fighter members and 172 affiliate locals.

What state has the most fire fighters?

Geographic profile for Firefighters:

State Employment (1) Employment per thousand jobs
California 32,600 1.98
Texas 24,690 2.04
Florida 19,000 2.25
Ohio 17,580 3.42

How much does San Antonio Fire Department make?

Firefighter in San Antonio, TX Area Salaries

Job Title Location Salary
San Antonio Fire Department – Texas Lieutenant Firefighter/Paramedic salaries – 1 salaries reported San Antonio, TX Area $97,363/yr
Safdie & Co Lieutenant Firefighter/Paramedic salaries – 1 salaries reported San Antonio, TX Area $97,363/yr
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Is Texas a good place to be a firefighter?

Austin, Texas

Austin is one of the few cities in the country to see steady job growth in almost every industry in the last decade. Firefighters who live here average $44,000 in annual salary, and the 51 index cost of living is one of the best on the list.

How many fire stations are in Amarillo Texas?

Amarillo Fire Department has 13 fire stations covering the City of Amarillo.

How many firefighters died in 911?

343 firefighters (including a chaplain and two paramedics) of the New York City Fire Department (FDNY); 37 police officers of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Department (PAPD);

How many firehouses are in Texas?

There are 994 volunteer firefighters companies in Texas.

Volunteer fire departments by major Texas cities.

Metro area Houston
Nonprofits 119
Employees 2,250
Revenues $118,164,714
Assets $89,615,711

What is the highest paid fire department in Texas?

Highest paying cities for Firefighters in Texas

  • Kingsville, TX. $59,403 per year. 5 salaries reported.
  • Fort Bliss, TX. $56,358 per year. 12 salaries reported.
  • San Antonio, TX. $52,243 per year. 7 salaries reported.
  • Fort Sam Houston, TX. $51,784 per year. …
  • Corpus Christi, TX. $48,817 per year. …
  • Show more nearby cities.

Are firemen in high demand?

Are firefighters in demand? This field is forecasted to remain very competitive, with the number of people interested in becoming firefighters outweighing the number of available positions in most areas.

What state is the easiest to become a firefighter?

5 best states for career firefighters

  • Hawaii. Number of registered fire departments: 11. Percentage of career departments: 90.9 percent.
  • Florida. Number of registered fire departments: 477. …
  • Massachusetts. Number of registered fire departments: 362. …
  • Arizona. Number of registered fire departments: 249. …
  • California.
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What is the best state to be a firefighter in?

Nevada is the best state in the country for Firefighter/Paramedic jobs, and Washington has the second-highest median salary in the country. Nevada is the best state for jobs for Firefighter/Paramedics, and Nebraska is the worst.

How old do you have to be to be a Firefighter in San Antonio?

Requirements to Become a Firefighter in San Antonio

This phase would require applicants to clear a set of minimum qualifications, such as being at least 19 years of age and at most 34 years old; have no felony conviction; have at least a high school diploma; have the ability to read, write and speak English.

What benefits do firefighters get in Texas?

Fire Department Benefits

  • Deferred Compensation Retirement (in Lieu of Social Security) …
  • Life Insurance & Disability Package. …
  • Firefighters’ Pension Commission. …
  • Health Insurance. …
  • Longevity Pay. …
  • Dental Insurance. …
  • Workers’ Compensation. …
  • Firefighter’s Vacation Accrual.