Quick Answer: Do Air Force firefighters carry weapons?

Do you get a weapon in the Air Force?

All US Air Force personnel receive small arms training, and will be issued weapons if their duty requires it. A Security Forces airmen will most likely draw a weapon every shift.

Do Air Force firefighters see combat?

“During the course they go through close-quarters combat, rappelling, helicopter operations, small-unit-tactics, individual movement tactics, hostage situations and rescue, recapture-recovery operations, barricaded suspects and active shooter response,” he continued.

What are firefighters in the Air Force called?


Acting as the firemen of the Air Force, Fire Protection specialists deal with everything from brush fires to burning rocket fuel and hazardous material fires.

What do firefighters in the Air Force do?

They provide fire protection guidance, coordinate pre-incident plans, and train others on specialized fire protection equipment and procedures. … In a field or combat environment, these airmen will be called upon to control and extinguish fires, using fire apparatus, specialized tools, and equipment, hoses, and pumps.

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What weapon does the Air Force use?


Name Type Used by
Aircraft guns
GAU-8 Avenger Seven-barrelled Rotary cannon A-10/OA-10 Thunderbolt II
GAU-22/A Four-barrelled Rotary cannon F-35 Lightning II
M61 Six-barrelled Rotary cannon F-15 Eagle F-16 Fighting Falcon F-22 Raptor B-52 Stratofortress

Can Air Force security forces carry off duty?

The Act authorizes 28th Security Forces Squadron active duty and civilian law enforcement personnel who meet LEOSA qualifications and credentialing the option to carry concealed weapons while off duty, on the installation. … The LEOSA program has been implemented on installations across the Air Force.

What military branch is best for firefighting?

While all four branches of the military have firefighters, most are in either the Air Force or the Navy. Unless your son wants to be a Marine first, steer clear there. The Army has firefighters, but most are in the Army Reserve, not active-duty. My recommendation would be Air Force.

How often do Air Force firefighters deploy?

Those in Air Force jobs assigned to Band A can expect to deploy 6 months every 24 months.

How many calls do Air Force firefighters get?

They typically answer more than 300 calls a month, with five reportable fires a week. In addition to structural calls, teams respond to about 60 emergency situations involving aircraft and Airmen on the flightline.

Are Air Force firefighters Emts?

Air Force firefighters from several military installations across the United States will be certified as Emergency Medical Technician Instructors through an emergency management services course at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland Oct.

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Do military firefighters get deployed?

They are also trained to deploy anywhere in the world and build a fire department from scratch to provide fire protection in hostile, demanding, and challenging environments.

Does the Air Force have signing bonus?

They offer enlistment bonuses that go up to $12,000 for the positions of a land-based or airborne linguist, pararescue, combat control, survival evasion rescue evacuation, and explosive ordnance disposal. The Air Force also offers certain health field accession bonuses.

What are the best jobs in the Air Force?

Best U.S. Air Force jobs

  1. Pilot. Pilots are responsible for completing missions by flying various Air Force aircraft. …
  2. Public affairs officer. …
  3. Flight engineer. …
  4. Security forces. …
  5. Operations intelligence. …
  6. Air traffic control. …
  7. Tactical aircraft maintenance. …
  8. Aircraft loadmaster.

How long does it take to become a firefighter in the Air Force?

After Basic Military Training, airmen have 68 days of technical training at Goodfellow Air Force Base in Texas. During this technical training, recruits will gain experience using specialized firefighting equipment and tools, extinguishing fires and performing rescue/first aid procedures.

What certifications do Air Force firefighters get?

Upon graduation from the military fire training at Goodfellow Air Force Base, every student will achieve these nationally recognized certifications: Firefighter I and II. Hazmat awareness. Hazmat operations.

Advanced courses offer:

  • Rescue tech.
  • Crash fire rescue.
  • Fire Officer I, Fire Inspector I, Fire Instructor I.