Question: How does a fire suppression system work?

A fire suppression system, like a fire sprinkler system, is used to extinguish or control fires, and is activated by heat, smoke, or a combination of the two. However, a fire suppression system uses gaseous, chemical, or foam fire suppression agents to suppress the fire, rather than water.

What are the 4 methods of fire suppression?

All fires can be extinguished by cooling, smothering, starving or by interrupting the combustion process to extinguish the fire.

  • Snuffing out candles.
  • Smothering a pan with a fire blanket.
  • Wrapping a person in a fire blanket.
  • Applying a blanket of foam over the burning surface, thus separating the fuel from the air.

What are the two types of fire suppression systems?

Two common types of fire suppression systems are engineered and pre-engineered systems. An engineered fire suppression system works by flooding an entire room with clean agent. Clean agents are gases that suppress fires without harming humans or equipment.

What is the difference between fire sprinkler and fire suppression?

Fire sprinklers use water to extinguish and control fires while commercial fire suppression systems use a variety of non-water-based agents; both systems are commonly used together in different areas of a building, depending on contents and hazards.

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What is the most common fire suppression system?

Water. A fire suppression system that relies on water is the most common type of fire suppression system, and most people choose to have them installed in businesses and buildings.

Are fire suppression systems required?

Fire suppression systems are required when fire sprinkler systems are not appropriate. … Other suppression agents such as clean agents, dry chemicals and carbon dioxide are better to use in suppression systems when water may harm the property or materials stored on the property.

What is a fixed fire suppression system?

Fixed fire extinguishing/suppression systems are commonly used to protect areas containing valuable or critical equipment such as data processing rooms, telecommunication switches, and process control rooms.

What gas is used in fire suppression systems?

Types of gas suppression

There are few different gases that we use in these systems: Novec 1230 (clean agent); Inergen (Inert gas IG541), a blend of nitrogen, argon and CO2; Argonite (inert gas IG55), a blend of argon and nitrogen.

What are examples of fire suppression systems?

Common Fire Protection Systems

  • Wet Fire Sprinkler Systems. …
  • Dry Pipe Systems. …
  • Special Hazard Fire Protection Systems. …
  • Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems. …
  • Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems. …
  • Foam Fire Suppression Systems.

What can I use for a fire suppression?

The Most Common Types of Fire Suppression Systems

  • Water-Based Fire Suppression Systems. One of the most common types of fire protection systems uses water to knock out fires. …
  • Chemical Foam Suppression Systems. …
  • Pneumatic Heat Detection Tube. …
  • Pressurized Gas System. …
  • Foam Deluge Systems.
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Where fire suppression system is used?

Kitchen Fire Suppression System

This type of suppression system is typically used in commercial kitchens. The system properties a water-based chemical type mix over the fire when necessary. Most Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems are either manual or heat-triggered and do not require any electrical connection to operate.