Is a firefighter paramedic a good career?

They work closely with other healthcare professionals in providing emergency medical care to those in need. … If you have a passion for emergency care and are committed to public safety, a career as a firefighter/paramedic can be both a challenging and rewarding career.

Is being a firefighter paramedic hard?

California is one of the more difficult states to become a firefighter. This is because it is a desirable area to live and has higher than the average pay for firefighters, in many areas. As discussed above, this added competition for jobs means that it may take longer than average to get hired.

Are firefighters/paramedics as well?

Paramedics are medical professionals who generally have a degree in their field, and who can perform complex medical procedures as well as give many drugs. Unless the proposition is that firefighters go through the same training, they will not be ‘paramedics’; they will be first aiders or first responders.

Who makes more paramedic or firefighter?

Firefighters make more than paramedics working in the same area and can increase their pay if they earn paramedic certification. Most firefighters are required to become EMTs, which is why you often see fire trucks at medical emergencies.

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What can stop you from being a firefighter?

So, what disqualifies you from being a firefighter?

  • Lack of physical fitness.
  • Drug use.
  • Extensive criminal history.
  • Extensive driving expenses.
  • Dishonorable discharge from the military.

Is firefighter a good career?

Firefighting is a rewarding career that offers a very high level of job satisfaction. Being a firefighter is a great job if you enjoy helping people and serving your community, but be aware that it can be demanding, stressful, and even dangerous at times.

What’s the difference between a firefighter and a firefighter paramedic?

A firefighter is trained primarily in fire suppression, and basic emergency medical response. A Paramedic is trained entirely in prehospital​ emergency medicine. However, in many states, Firefighters and Paramedics can be cross certified and serve as both, while in others they are kept seperate.

Why are firefighters also paramedics?

Do Paramedics Fight Fires? As we’ve seen, the reason that firefighters often double as paramedics is that they are trained to handle many types of emergencies, emergency medical included.

Is a paramedic the same as an EMT?

EMTs can handle most of the basic health procedures like performing CPR and using oxygen on a patient, and paramedics can perform more complex procedures like inserting IV lines, administering drugs, and more. Both EMTs and paramedics work within emergency medical services teams.

Where do firefighter/paramedics get paid the most?

Highest paying cities for Firefighters/Paramedics in United States

  • Everett, WA. 5 salaries reported. $102,544. per year.
  • Tucson, AZ. 5 salaries reported. $65,114. per year.
  • Pala, CA. 11 salaries reported. $62,400. per year.
  • St. Louis, MO. 6 salaries reported. $62,072. per year.
  • Burnet, TX. 6 salaries reported. $60,000. per year.
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Why do paramedics make so little?

When labor is plentiful and/or not in high demand, wages will be low. … Paramedics and nurses, by contrast are usually in higher demand, especially as services upgrade to the ALS level creating significant demand with a more limited supply of workers.

What is the next step up from a paramedic?

Your potential as a medical first responder can go so much further than riding in an ambulance. EMTs and Paramedics can branch out as EMT instructors, police medics, military medics, firefighters, and crew management.

Do firefighters get polygraphed?

As most fire departments are trying to recruit and maintain the best candidates for their department, they have adopted the firefighter polygraph as one of several tools to weed out unwanted candidates. If you were asked to take such a polygraph, this might be your first one.

Can you be a fireman with a criminal record?

Many people are worried that a past brush with the law could have an impact on their career as a Firefighter. However, having a criminal record will not necessarily bar you from becoming a firefighter. If you have a criminal record, and unspent convictions, you will have to declare this during the application process.

Does Cal Fire hire felons?

Federal Judge: Californians Who Fought Fires In Prison Can’t Become Career Firefighters. … A California licensing law that bans many ex-offenders from working as full-time firefighters, even if they were trained to fight fires while imprisoned, was upheld last week by a federal judge.