How does Montag feel as he burns his own house down what does this burning symbolize?

The burning is liberating because everything that ties him to the city is destroyed; it is emotionally trying because he feels a connection to the books; it is joyous because he is finally able to escape convention and conformity and do something wrong in public, without condemnation.

How does Montag feel about burning his own house why?

When forced to burn his own house by Chief Beatty, Montag feels conflicting emotions. He is sorry to burn the books, sorry to burn his house itself in some ways because it still has happy memories for him. … He reads books, and so much that he actually memorizes them.

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What happens when Montag is called to burn down his own house?

Beatty orders Montag to burn the house by himself with his flamethrower and warns that the Hound is on the watch for him if he tries to escape. Montag burns everything, and when he is finished, Beatty places him under arrest. Beatty sees that Montag is listening to something and strikes him on the head.

What is the significance of Montag burning his bedroom first?

Why does Montag burn the objects he burns first? He wants to destroy everything between him and Millie. How does Beatty discover Montag’s green bullet? Beatty hits Montag in the head and it flies out of his ear.

How does Montag feel about himself as he rides the fire truck?

When Montag returns to the firehouse for work, he is divided. … How does Montag feel about himself a he rides the firetruck with the other men to burn more books? He thinks he should’ve kept quiet around the women. He doesn’t want to burn things anymore- he begins to get angrier and angrier.

When did Montag burn his own house down?

By the time the burning house falls down, it’s 3:30 in the morning. The firemen, including the Captain Beatty, are standing outside watching it fall. Montag asks the Captain if his wife was the one to turn in the alarm.

How is life in Montag’s house very different from that of Clarisse’s house in Fahrenheit 451?

How is life in Montag’s house very different from that of Clarisse’s house? In Montag’s house, Mildred and Guy hardly ever talk or communicate in any way. Mildred is always in the “parlor” and Guy is often at work. At Clarisse’s house, she and her family often talk and discuss things.

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What does Beatty say will happen to Montag when he is finished burning his home?

What does Beatty say to Montag as he is finishing burning the house? He tells him that he is under arrest.

Why does Beatty want Montag to wield the flamethrower to destroy his own house and why does Montag give in?

Why does Beatty want Montag to wield the flamethrower to destroy his own house and why does Montag acquiesce? Beatty wanted him to pay for what had happened and Guy did it to get rid of the emptiness. Almost without knowing it, Montag’s hands switch off the safety on the flamethrower aimed at Beatty.

How does Fahrenheit 451 end?

The novel ends with Montag escaping the city in the midst of a new declaration of war. Once he’s deep in the country, Montag meets a band of roving intellectuals who have elected to preserve significant works of literature in their memory.

How does Montag view of fire change?

Fire represents change which is shown through Montag’s symbolic change from using fire to burn knowledge into using fire to help him find knowledge; fire can represent knowledge as demonstrated through Faber, and fire can represent rebirth of knowledge as shown through the phoenix.

Is Montag happy in Fahrenheit 451?

He was not happy. He was not happy. … Prior to this conversation, he felt pleasure while burning books, but he now realizes this is not true happiness. Unlike others in his world, Montag sees how empty his life is.

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Will you turn the parlor off he asked that’s my family?

“Will you turn the parlor off?” he asked. “That’s my family.” Montag feels ill the morning after burning a woman with her books, so he asks Mildred to turn off the wall-size televisions in the parlor. … This is Montag’s first description of Mildred.

What happens to the old woman whose house is burned by the firemen?

What happens to the old woman whose house is burned by the firemen? She refuses to leave and dies in the fire.

Who started the fire at the old woman’s house?

Even after they spray the books with kerosene, the woman refuses to go. Beatty starts to light the fire anyway, but Montag protests and tries to persuade her to leave. She still refuses, and as soon as Montag exits, she strikes a match herself and the house goes up in flames with her in it.

Why is it so difficult for Montag to burn Mrs Hudson with her books?

Beatty tells Montag that fire is an amazing, wondrous invention. … Montag gets madder and madder, and this is why he burns his own house down before Beatty can burn him down with his books. He does not go down with his books like Mrs. Hudson because he is enraged, and he turns his rage to Beatty, killing him.