How close can you plant a tree next to a fire hydrant?

No large or medium street tree shall be planted closer than fifteen feet from any fire hydrant.

How far away from a fire hydrant can you plant a tree?

In general, municipal fire codes require property owners to maintain a clearance of about 3 feet around fire hydrants. Shrubs, trees, fruit, vegetables and flowers are not to be planted inside that area.

Can you plant around a fire hydrant?

No street tree shall be planted closer than ten feet from any fire hydrant.

Can you put anything around a fire hydrant?

Limits landscaping around the hydrant

The Fire Inspector also relates that nothing can block the view of the hydrant from the road way. What is this? Small flowers that are only a few inches tall would be fine but they would likely get ruined in the event of a fire or during hydrant inspections.

How do you hide a fire hydrant in your yard?

A small planting of boxwoods goes a long way to hiding this fire hydrant from view without impeding emergency access! This homeowner opted for a formal trim to blend in with the existing landscape, but boxwoods can also be trimmed to maintain a more natural look – it all depends on individual preference.

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Can I build a fence around a fire hydrant?

No fence, wall, hedge, or other structure shall be installed or maintained within 36 inches of any fire hydrant and no closer than 12 inches to any utility (e.g., street lights) or utility cabinet. 2.

Is it bad to have a fire hydrant in front of your house?

Fire hydrants are municipal property, so most of the laws that will affect a citizen of a community will address that aspect of it. In a nutshell, it’s not yours, even if its in your yard, so the city code will basically prohibit you from making any modifications to the fire hydrant.

Can I put rocks around a fire hydrant?

No loose rocks or any other objects which may pose a tripping hazard shall be permitted within the foregoing radius. In conjunction with the three (3) foot radius, all fire hydrants and other fire protection equipment must have an unimpeded view range of at least two (2) feet to each side along the roadway.

Who owns the fire hydrants?

Statutory fire hydrants are owned, installed and maintained by the water companies. Private fire hydrants found on private water mains are not the responsibility of the Local Water Company or the Fire and Rescue Service.

What does a yellow fire hydrant mean?

Yellow indicates that the water comes from a public supply system. Violet means the water comes from a lake or pond. While most areas follow this color scheme, some choose to make up their own system. Either way, fire hydrants may stick out like a sore thumb but those bright colors are chosen with your safety in mind.

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