Best answer: What is the role of the fire and Rescue Service?

The Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004 sets out the responsibilities of Fire and Rescue Authorities (FRAs). … protecting life and property in the event of fires in their area. rescuing and protecting people in the event of a road traffic collision, and. rescuing and protecting people in the event of other emergencies.

What are the job roles in the fire service?

5 Jobs in the Fire Service

  • Aerial Appliance Operator/Driver. The Fire Service classes any fire where external firefighting operations cannot be conducted with the use of a standard ladder as a high rise fire. …
  • Specialist Rescue Technician. …
  • Usar – urban search and rescue. …

What services are provided by fire and Rescue Service?

FRNSW protects 90% of the population of NSW making it one of the largest fire services in the world. We serve the community of NSW by: responding quickly to calls of fire (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) protecting property within NSW and saving properties from structural fire.

What emergencies do firefighters respond to?

Firefighters are service personnel who respond to calls involving emergencies such as building or forest fires; automobile, airplane or train crashes; or medical issues. They’re often the first to arrive on-scene.

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What do firefighters do other than fighting fires?

In addition to fighting fires, firefighters also treat sick or injured people, report to car accidents, extricate people from damaged motor vehicles, and assist at hazardous materials spills. … Many firefighters also provide public education on fire safety at schools and community events.

What do Fire and Rescue NSW do?

Area of service in NSW

Fire and Rescue NSW has 335 fire stations across NSW. We protect 90% of the State’s population from emergencies involving fire, motor vehicle accidents and other dangerous situations. We protect 100% of of the State’s population from hazardous materials emergencies and building collapse.

Who is responsible for calling the fire brigade?

The LFB is led by the Commissioner for Fire and Emergency Planning, a position currently held by Andy Roe. The brigade and Commissioner are overseen by the Greater London Authority, which in 2018 took over these responsibilities from the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA).

What is the fire service called in Australia?

Fire and Rescue New South Wales (previously known as New South Wales Fire Brigades), an agency of the Government of New South Wales, Australia, is responsible for firefighting, rescue and HazMat services in the major cities, metropolitan areas and towns across New South Wales.

What do rescue squads do?

A rescue squad is an emergency service that provides technical rescue services, and may also provide emergency medical services and firefighting services. … They may also operate from heavy rescue vehicles or rescue boats.

What are 10 job duties performed by the firefighters?


  • Drive firetrucks and other emergency vehicles.
  • Put out fires using water hoses, fire extinguishers, and water pumps.
  • Find and rescue victims in burning buildings or in other emergency situations.
  • Treat sick or injured people.
  • Prepare written reports on emergency incidents.
  • Clean and maintain equipment.
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Why do firefighters respond first?

Firefighters respond to medical calls because they are trained and staffed to do so. … In many areas, there are more fire engines in a given area than ambulances, so firefighters will usually be the first to arrive and give medical care in an emergency.